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Quick Tips to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn isn’t just for finding a new job - the network is growing more and more into a place where you can build your professional brand, stay informed on industry news and gain new perspectives. Here are seven quick tips that have been successful for me - and others - when it comes to creating a better LinkedIn presence and experience!

Tip 1: Search and follow hashtags that are relevant to your career. This helps you stay informed on the latest industry news and engage with others who have the same interests.

Tip 2: Like and comment on what interests you. Take a few minutes each day to thoughtfully comment on others posts. Your LinkedIn feed will in turn become more aligned with your interests due to the algorithm.

Tip 3: Posting on Wednesday and Thursdays are best, it's when people are most engaged in information related to work, career, and business.

Tip 4: Be sure to take a close look at who is viewing your profile, it lets you know who you are attracting and if you need to change up your profile.

Tip 5: Don’t get swindled into buying LinkedIn Premium, you get 15 free Inboxes a month. Use these to strategically network and build your connections.

Tip 6: Having at least 200 connections matters because it gets you into the algorithm. But there’s something magical about seeing that 500+ connections on your profile, click here to discover 5 steps to get to 500 connections.

Tip 7: Follow your industry’s thought leaders. These people post articles that get a ton of exposure and their comment sections is a great way to discover other connections in your area of work.


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