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Creating An Abundant Mindset


Growing up in a southern, middle class, African American household, I often heard phrases such as “ you must think we rich or something” or “money don’t grow on trees”, alluding to money is limited, and not easy to acquire so hold on to what you have now and avoid spending aimlessly. That mentality has followed me into my adult life. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more work on my mindset, and learning more that we have more than enough resources, including money to go around and that it isn’t hard to acquire if you have the right mindset.

I’ve been working to overcome this scarcity mentality by taking small steps to train myself to have more abundant beliefs, so I can live an abundant life.

Keep reading to see what habits I’ve incorporated to change my behaviors and thoughts surrounding money.

  1. Tipping Generously Most of my life, I would ration out my money when it came to tipping and most times leave the minimum tip on food orders. I was also never the one to tip if I was only picking up a to go order from a restaurant, and never tipped cashiers when I bought coffee. Now, I literally love leaving generous tips. I now believe that tipping as much as you can, and not being selfish about it, proves to the universe that you have trust. You know and trust that money is only energy, there’s an abundance of it, it flows through people, and will come back around to you. You tipping someone well, is you blessing someone else, and planting seeds that will come back to you tenfold.

  2. Not Using Scarcity Words or Phrases  I used to be so quick to say, “I’m broke right now, I can’t afford that”, or talk as if being wealthy was unattainable and wouldn’t be possible for me. I’ve stopped this. You are 100% the words you speak. If you call yourself “‘broke” or speak about your finances from a place of lack, that’s exactly what you will continuously receive. Words are extremely powerful, so I’m now extremely careful about the ones I use to describe my life and finances. 

  3. Writing Gratitude Lists I practice writing down things, more often than ever before. Even the small things that I am grateful for. I write as if the things that I want, I’ve already received. One of the main keys to abundance is to first FEEL rich and abundant, and know that it’s coming. If you trust, put in the work, and have no doubts about receiving it, whatever it is that you want will make its way to you.

  4. Educating Myself on Wealth & Abundance  One of the most important things I’ve been doing these past few months, is listening to more podcasts about wealth, rewiring your mind for success and money to come your way, and manifesting. I love to listen to those who have mastered manifesting and who have created their dream lives based off of having a positive and abundant mindset.  A few of my favorite podcasts to listen to are: Manifestation Babe by Kathrin Zenkina, The Tony Robbins Podcast by Tony Robbins, The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial, and The Ed Mylett Show, by Ed Mylett :) 5. Focusing on Myself I’ve been avoiding negative and judgemental conversations about people. Instead of focusing on what the next person has, I’ve been working to stay focused on myself and the things I want to achieve. Back when I had more free time, and was not working on a building a business, I wasted a lot of time. Focusing on other people, from what they had that I didn’t have, to what they thought about me. I’m at a place where it’s so imperative to stay focused on my goals, and not let meaningless distractions such as what’s going on with other people who will not determine my future.  “Energy flows, where attention goes.” - Tony Robbins

Let me know if you’ve previously struggled with or still struggle with having a scarcity mentality, and some things you’re doing or plan to do to overcome it.



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