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Simple Ways To Get 500 LinkedIn Connections

1. Join groups relevant to your industry and/or interests and send connection requests to other members of the group AFTER reviewing their profile to see if they would be a valuable connection.

2. Find the thought leaders in your industry and repeatedly engage on their posts. After doing so 3-5 times, send them a connection request with a quick note about how you enjoy & find value in what they share. People post to spread knowledge and get engagement, if they see you comment on their post they are more likely to accept your request.

3. Share trending articles and share 1-2 sentences of your own input. People love following and connecting with others that they find interesting.

4. Be creative with your LinkedIn headline! Keep it professional, but put something to catch others eye. Take a look at these impactful LinkedIn headline examples.

5. Take a few minutes every day to engage on others posts on your feed. If someone comes across your comment and finds it or your profile interesting, they will likely add you.


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