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Join our Local Creator Network

Do you love trying new products and spreading the word about the next big thing in Atlanta? You should consider joining us! You provide the creativity, we supply the local brands.


Atlanta's Rising Influencers is a community of Micro-Influencers in the Atlanta area. This includes creators with a following of 2,000+ who are well regarded in their niche. 

We offer influencer campaign management to local Atlanta businesses such as restaurants, bars and lounges where we bring in a group of influencers from our community. 

This is a fun collaborative experience for creators to connect with others in the content creation space, try local businesses and build their content portfolio.

Each experience will have outlined requirements and creators receive a free meal and drink at each influencer campaign.

Nourish Botanica 2023.PNG
  1. Review qualifications on the application and apply if you meet requirements

  2. Applications will be reviewed and you will hear back within 1 month

  3. Attend Atlanta's Rising Influencers kickoff meeting

  4. Receive micro-influencer event invites in your inbox with outlined requirements for the brand. 

  5. Accept or decline invitation (this is a scheduled date that all influencers must attend if they sign up)

  6. Review brand guidelines & expectations prior to the micro-influencer event

  7. Show up, eat, connect and create content onsite

  8. Submit your reel within 3 days of the micro-influencer event

How It Works

Interested in applying?

Get additional details + micro-influencer requirements here.

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