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5 of Atlanta's Best Study/Work Spots

Coffee shops seem to bring a whole new level of motivation when you’re trying to check off all the things on your “to do list”. Check out these 5 Atlanta Study/Work spots that we’ve scoped out & recommend for a study/grind sesh.

Ormewood Area, Atlanta

Hodgepodge is a wonderful eclectic spacious place to sit, sip and study/work. The seating situation is great for a study dates and group work as they have large communal table and small tables to fit two. Not only is the coffee amazing but they are named after cute southern sayings such as “Bless Your Heart, Oh Honey & Slap Your Pappy””! Other offerings include an array of other drinks (Ginger Beer, Chai Tea, Lemonade) and food choices (the Jamaican Patty is a popular choice).

Tip: Make sure your laptop is fully charged before going - there are few outlets and they are a hot commodity!

Inman Park

The only of it's kind - Dr Bombay's underwater tea party is best described as whimsical coffee house with a living room vibe. Take a spot by a bookcase and cozy up with some Vanilla Almond Black Tea & a scone to kickstart your work session surrounded by decor such as paper umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and vintage paintings on the walls.

Old Fourth Ward, Midtown, Buckhead

Affordable coffee and an open air environment - a recipe for study/work success! There are numerous locations in Atlanta that all offer a different vibe but they all have one important thing in common…natural lighting. The crowd is a mix of people meeting with clients, solo studying or working on group projects. Old Fourth Ward location (as pictured), is a bit more relaxed in comparison to Midtown and Buckhead. By far the most incredible part is the smells - you become surrounded with the rich coffee aroma mixed with fresh bakery treats.


Beer & coffee - the best of both worlds! Taproom Coffee has a relaxed modern environment that offers a great place to buckle down, sip on a beer or coffee and power through finishing that project. Although it’s a happening place on the weekends - evenings at Taproom are slower & relaxed. A couple of their specialty drinks are Nitro Hopsintea™ (non-alcoholic): Hibiscus, Rosehips & Tropical Fruit Iced Tea Blend, infused with Hops and Nitro Beerspresso™ (non-alcoholic): Flash-Brewed Iced Coffee, Hops, Amber Malt.

Midtown, W Midtown, Buckhead, Grant Park

Octane Coffee has a huge following and seems to be one of Atlanta’s favorite hipster getaways. There are numerous locations - which all have an industrial hip feel and specialty crafted coffee drinks. Another perk - great place to discover new music from their in house playlist!

What’s your favorite place to work or study in ATL? Share with us in the comment section below!


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