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Meet Toi Dodd, an Atlanta

Realtor & Blogger

Hey! My name is Antoinette Dodd, you can call me Toi. I was born and raised in Atlanta in 1982 and I'm in LOVE with my city! I'm a single mom of four and I've always had a passion for being creative and figuring things out.

In 2017, I decided to combine my love for my city along with my passion to become a REALTOR®. As a real estate professional, I'm amazing at getting and giving information about all things Atlanta! From real estate to local hotspots, events and activities. I'm Pretty Resourceful and Always Happy to be a Resource!

I am a trusted and well-trained professional who strives to provide you with the best solution. I have built a reputation of refreshingly friendly customer care with my proven ability to guide buyers in obtaining the best value for their dream home or assisting sellers in a smooth, stress-free sale of their home. I am dedicated, knowledgeable, resourceful and committed to finding the perfect fit for my clientele.

​If you're looking to work with a Realtor who protects and defends your best interest, I'd love to work with you too! Discover why I love real estate and why I am the best choice for you. And if you want to learn more about how we can work together, call or text me anytime!

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Contact Info


Phone: 404.458.8831


Instagram: @prettyresourceful

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