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Tessa Marie

Founder of The Negotiation Playbook

Salary Negotiation Consultant

The most important table in the world, yes the world, is the one YOU are sitting at, so be ready to run it! My blog will help you maximize and enhance your salary negotiating skills by giving you a checklist to complete before, during and after. I have boiled down everything I know from a Masters Degree in Negotiation so you have the confidence and tools you need for success. My blog will help you know what you bring to the table, what questions and strategies you can use, and most importantly what you want to take away and leave at the table.


My name is Tessa and I have my Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation from Columbia University in New York City. As apart of my studies I began reading a variety of different academic articles and noticed an unfortunate pattern, which is women are less likely to negotiate despite incredibly qualified. I want women everywhere to have the knowledge, experience, and tools they need to succeed in their salary negotiations. Because the future is here and it is female!

Tessa's Mission

To help women run the tables they sit at (and the world) by enhancing their salary negotiating abilities.



Instagram: the_negotiation_playbook

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