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Terri L. Bea-Sopher

Pastor & Founder of Hear My Heart Conference

My name is Terri and I am a PASTOR, Motivational Speaker, Host blah blah...I'm an overall really cool person lol.

The diversity I carry in my calling is fully equipped to care for the burdens of my sisters from every walk of life. I truly believe in supporting People just because!

Hear (Her Emotions Are Real) My Heart Women of Faith Conference started by watching, listening and concluding that there has never been any amount of money, education or status that would exonerate someone from hardship. Every woman has that in common, no matter their background, there are no black, white, Muslim or Christian tears! In fact when a woman is in pain no matter her economic or social experience all she wants in her weakened condition is to be heard, why? Because Her Emotions Are Real!

Hear My Heart's Mission

Giving God Glory Globally while Creatively carrying the cross of Christ




Instagram: @hearmyheartconference


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HEAR My Heart Team


Melinda Davis

Founder of Up2Me Radio


Gail Metzbower

Radio Host of Up2Me Radio


Kim Crabill

Founder of Roses & Rainbows Ministry

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