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Meet Sasha Revolus,

Brand Designer &

Creative Director

Hometown: Lauderhill,FL

Please introduce yourself and walk us through your story.

I was born to Haitian parents of entrepreneurial backgrounds. I made way into the creative world as a clothing designer and hair stylist in Miami up until 2014 .I found great success in the fashion industry and rose up pretty fast being featured in huge fashion shows and dressing some of your favorite celebrities like Mya and Elle Varner.


Unfortunately I was hit with the harsh reality of copyright law and how big corporations can really kill your dream.While I still can't speak on the indecent , I urge people to research when starting a business and get legal help.I lost my first business and took a major hit to my ego but it was a lesson learned.


After this not so great moment I decided to refocus go back to school and give back to my country of Haiti. I started the Jeremie Charitable Foundation, a non-profit that I run with my mother and Flourish Media Conference , with my business Partner/CO-founder Vivian Olodun and Dr.Tracy Timberlake. Both of these passion project have fueled all my steps moving forward.


After I graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Communication Arts and Global Media, I moved to Atlanta to open a brick and mortar business called SMB Creative Studio with my partner Quentin Steele. My vision with all the businesses I have moved the female agenda forward. To educate and make sure people who like me, who were raised like me and have the same values as me can FLOURISH in any arena they want.

Please tell us about your Creative platforms/businesses.

IamSashaR is my graphic design and creative company. I focus on entrepreneurs and create inspiring brands + websites + products that showcase their beautiful businesses.


SMB Creative Studio, is a boutique printing, photo/video studio & recording studio. Our photography studio and social event space is conveniently located in the creative district of Mechanicsville, Atlanta GA. The studio is 2000sqf and has a minimalist feel with a modern style interior design. When it comes to printing we will make your unique t-shirt or hat idea come to life. In addition to top-quality screen printing, we also offer embroidery, vinyl, foil printing and more. We also have a unique and custom-built recording studio made to deliver the best sound and coolest environment for recording music or podcasts.

What made you decide to start pursuing your businesses/platforms?

I started designing brands and creating websites after I had the worst experience with a web designer that ghosted me after paying them $1200 to build a site. I sat down and hit google to figure out how to code and design my own website. It took me a while but I finally got a hang of it. My friends started asking me to help them and it has just grown since then. I made it my goal to assist small business owners, specifically, women build amazing brands.


In 2017 When I met Quentin Steele he had the idea to open a one-stop-shop for creatives to get all the print, photography, video and recording needs to be met by creatives that understand them.

What has been your focus lately?

My focus lately has been to streamline all my businesses. I am self teaching myself more automation and all in one programs. I want to give my audience more content that they can actually use to be great. On top of that I have been super focused on self care! As an entrepreneur I really overlooked that and I feel like my businesses have suffered when I am not taking care of myself.

Do you have any quotes or sayings that you live by?

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” — Sara Blakely, founder, Spanx

What is your idea of the perfect Saturday in Atlanta? 

My perfect Saturday in ATL is breakfast at Rosie Cafe (Shrimp and Grits), I normally head back to my office (SMB Creative Studio) and play with my camera. I love taking self portraits! After a bit of random fun, I normally link up with my friends, we might catch a movie, walk the Betline or the mall. Once we've tired ourselves out we head to Loca Luna , Our all time favorite mojito spot! Then home for Netflix and naps lol

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Contact Sasha



Instagram: @iamSashaRBrand


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