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*This is a digital download, no item will be shipped via mail.*


Ready to get organized and work towards your goals with clarity? This Google Sheet template includes 8+ tabs to track your routines, habits, cleaning lists, grocery list + meal planning, goals & more! It's connected with formulas ensuring it's a seamless experience to have a clear vision of what your month ahead looks like. Grab this download, bookmark it to your browser for easy access and start planning today!


Key Features:

Dynamic Dashboard:
Our Digital Planner begins with a dynamic dashboard that provides a quick overview of your day's important tasks and upcoming events. This feature ensures efficient planning and seamless organization, making it a standout component of the template.

Monthly Planner:
Plan your month ahead! From setting goals to marking important dates, this feature offers a comprehensive view of the month ahead, enabling you to manage your time effectively and work towards your goals.

Routines and Habit Tracker:
Building healthy habits and improve your daily routines with the routines and habit tracker section. 

Goal Planner:
This feature allows you to set meaningful goals, break them down into actionable steps, and visualize progress, creating a roadmap to success.

Cleaning Checklist:
A clean space = a clear mind! Maintain an organized and tidy living space with the integrated cleaning checklist. Customizable to fit individual preferences, this section ensures you can effortlessly keep track of their cleaning tasks and create a welcoming environment.

Comprehensive To-Do List:
Use a centralized platform for capturing, prioritizing, and breaking down tasks into subtasks, this feature ensures nothing gets overlooked and helps you stay focused throughout the day.

Meal Planner with Grocery List:
Simplify meal planning and grocery shopping with the meal planner section. By enabling users to plan meals, create shopping lists, and promote healthier eating habits, this feature saves time and ensures well-balanced nutrition.

Monthly Budget:
With the ability to plan income, set budget goals, and track expenses, users can achieve financial stability and make informed decisions to reach their financial objectives.



*This is a digital download, no item will be shipped via mail.*

Life Planner Google Sheet Template

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