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7 Personal Branding Photography Tips You Need To Know


Tina J. Smith Photography LLC

Atlanta Photographer

It’s Time To Take Your Brand To The Next Level!

Imagine having curated images that reflect who you are as an entrepreneur and what makes you and your product/service unique.

Having custom and consistent photos is a MUST when it comes to promoting your brand throughout your website, social media, and marketing efforts.

This checklist will cover a few must haves to:

Tell Your Story. Connect With Your Audience. Grow Your Business.


Show off that personality! Laughing, smiling with your product, sitting on a couch, standing, walking, reading a book, sipping coffee, etc.

Whatever makes you feel most comfortable...Just Be You & Show You!

Utilize Props

Are you a lover of fresh flowers?

Are you obsessed with staying organized?

Do you always have your laptop and phone in hand?

Do you have a coffee mug with your all time favorite quote on it?

Are you an avid bike rider?

Let’s see it!

Work Space

Your audience wants to see WHERE the action takes place! Your office, studio, kitchen, couch, desk, coffee shop, etc. Don’t be afraid to bring your audience into your work space.

Products + Service

Show off your product and service in a new, colorful way. Whether you’re a photographer, chef, educator, stylist, blogger...It’s time to show you and your product/service in a fun, professional and creative light!

Tell A Story

When taking personal branding photos try to tell a story with the images. This will help you learn to look for variety in one space. If you spot something that you love, make sure to incorporate every part of that thing that inspired you!

When creating branding photos, don’t make the mistake of just shooting from a far. MAKE SURE TO GET UP CLOSE. Close ups help capture textures and special features like a your dimples, or fabric textures. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to capture many different shots!

Creative Process

Show your audience your creative process! Good news - this can be done daily using IG lives, stories, and other free tools like IGTV. Document your business journey! HOW do you get your work done? This could be as simple as a photo or video of you working at your desk, doing work at a coffee shop, or at a store picking out your next major business buy.


Rule of Thirds: If you imagine your photo being separated in 9 equal parts by two vertical and two horizontal lines. Place your subject in along these lines or where they intersect. The subject could be placed to the right, center or left of the frame.

Create Leading Lines: These lines help draw the viewer's eye to the subject. The human eye is naturally drawn to where lines lead. Play around with different types of lines to create compelling imagery!

Create Depth: Try to have something in the foreground of your

photos. Creating depth is a great composition technique to have the next time you’re ready to shoot!


Hello friend, I’m Tina - a Lifestyle & Personal Branding Photographer based out of Atlanta, GA. I hope you enjoyed the checklist!

I work with dynamic, budding, and established brands and influencers to help them create compelling content for their brands. My goal is to inspire and empower creative entrepreneurs to build up their skills and brands. I love sharing insights that I’ve learned along the way during my photography journey.

If you’re looking to tell your story, connect with your audience, and grow your business - I’d love to hear from you!

Visit for more information!



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