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Meet Olamide Michelle,

Business Lawyer + Mentor

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Please introduce yourself and walk us through your story.

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age but was never really sure what that meant or how I would actually live out my vision. My challenges came from wanting to stay on track for traditional success while also knowing deep down that I was meant for something different. These challenges taught me important lessons about creating your own path, trusting the process, and being open to what the world has to offer. Now I am happy I took the leap and can help so many other boss women do the same.



Please tell us about Boho Business Guide and your mission.

The Boho Business is Guide is a podcast and educational platform for female entrepreneurs. The name comes from my personal journey and appreciation for being unconventional, different, or "boho". I coach women to write their own rules while building holistic success in their personal and professional lives. The Boho Business Guide is rooted in a signature method and lifestyle: The Boho Method. This is centered on valuing Balance in all things, seeking and creating Opportunities, leading with your Heart, and combining each for more wealth and Opulence.

Enrollment for The Boho Boss Academy is officially open for the spring class! Applications are online at


What made you decide to start pursuing your businesses/platforms?

I was finally ready to lean into joy, my best talents, and the desire to create my own professional freedom.

What are your services and product offerings?

I provide legal services such as trademark registration through my boutique law firm: OMI Legal. The Boho Business Guide provides business tools, templates, and business coaching services. The Boho Boss Academy is our six month group coaching community designed to guide female entrepreneurs to be bold in business while still finding balance. This holistic style coaching can also be found in private 1:1 services as well.

Do you have any quotes or sayings that you live by?

Keep Moving. Stay Balanced.

In your eyes - why is it important to have a group of women on your side who support you?

Support leads to healing, self-growth, and accountability. Without it, success can feel lonely and sometimes even impossible.

What is your idea of the perfect Saturday in Atlanta? 

It would have to be sunny and warm outside. I'd love to start with yoga in the park, brunch in the city with friends, walk the belt line, then just lounge :)

I love the arts and movement. Fun facts: I am a yoga instructor, former dance teacher, and I actually used to teach kick-boxing!

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