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Jerra Latrice

Author. Editor. Consultant.

I have always been excited and passionate about writing. In fact, my 6th-grade English teacher told me, at the age of twelve, "If you keep this writing up, one day I'll be reading one of your books." Many years later, her words came into fruition. In October 2017, I self-published my book, 'I Was Bitter, Now I'm Better.' It is a relationship memoir that describes my story of previously having low self-esteem, experiencing verbal abuse, and having an extreme distrust in men. Through telling my story, I have been able to heal, forgive, and one day anticipate true love. I also teach women the importance of healing, forgiving, and embracing singleness while working on themselves.

I am an expert in bouncing back from a bitter breakup, and I have proven strategies and techniques that will help other women heal. Additionally, my book has garnered a lot of positive feedback from both men and women. I am also a skilled editor, proofreader, and consultant with several years of experience and impactful results. I am a writer, editor, and author consultant. I also provide coaching to single women who need healing from bitter and hurtful breakups.

Heal, forgive, and love yourself. Then, you'll be capable of loving someone else.

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