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Meet Farjana Khalil, an Atlanta Photographer, Model & Student

We're excited to introduce Farjana Khalil, an Atlanta Photographer, Model & College Student and Mental Health Advocate.

Farjana, tell us a little bit about your journey and how you got to where you are today.

My name is Farjana Khalil and I'm from Atlanta, GA. I've grown up to seeing and experiencing a lot of things from bullying to harassment. Life started after graduating from High School, I'm going to College and am graduating in less than a year with a degree in Psychology and Film.


Everything happens for a reason and I live by that. Here I am today embracing my beauty, and confidence. I was never positive or confident. I now surround myself with positive energy and people.


I am a full-time college student with full-time work and hobbies of my own. I also have my own photography/videography business and do full-time modeling. I'm just glad that I am doing the things I love and continuing to learn and inspire more people every day. I want to continue to grow, and spread the word of mental health in my community, the South Asian community, it's especially not paid attention to."

Did you face any challenges along the way? How did you overcome these challenges?

Growing up I struggled meeting new people and socializing. Over time I learned to be confident, positive, more selfish & focus on myself and just be more adventurous and meet new people.


You seem to be balancing a lot of different passions and pursuing numerous avenues. How do you stay organized and focused?

I get asked this question a lot - I tend to plan a month or two ahead. I also use Google Calendar and prioritize my schedule for a little bit of everything whether it's family, friends, events, and passions.

How do you destress and take care of yourself?

I always do self-care and treatments, from taking baths, writing online or in my notebook, going out to the park or gym, hanging out with my friends, going to places myself and exploring new coffee shops or food places, watching movies or new shows, and more.


All of my self-care blogs posts are on my WordPress (  website and I love to help others and talk about this because stress can cause a lot of health problems and taking care of yourself is important!

What is the best memory surrounding your career or business thus far?

Doing what I love makes me so happy and that's photography. I love creating the vision and art and seeing others use and spread my work. 

Is there any quotes or sayings that you live by? What are they?

Smile so the Memories Pile. -FKP

Contact Info



Instagram: @callmebabes_fkp

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