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Ethnik Kulture

Founded by Asma Ligali

African Inspired Clothing


My name is Asma Ligali. I am the owner of Ethnik Kulture. I started this business in April 2019 and today I am grateful that I’ve started.

Ethnik Kulture's Mission

The best of both worlds: We provide African prints inspired Tshirts And Accessories for our African Continent lovers who do not have the chance to visit Africa but want to have in their possession a beautiful attire from Africa. You can live in America and dress up with a little touch of Africa.


Africa is beautiful : We select our designers and fabrics carefully to show the creativity and beautiful aspect of the African Continent. We are showing the world that Africa is colorful and beautiful.


Fashion is also Africa : Through our designers, we are showing the world that Fashion can also be made in Africa. We have very talented Fashion designers in Africa and they must be known by the World. 

Ethnik Kulture's Vision

Our Vision is to take the African Fashion to a new place. 

We want to provide the talented African designers with a platform where they can easily sell their products physically in the US and across the globe. We are striving to give those young and talented designers an ability to showcase their products in the rest of the world and to be known. We are working to have our own “African Version of Macys” across the United States. 

Ethnik Kulture is our way of giving back to our African Community. How would you feel if 2 or 3 individuals are grateful for your life because you help them achieve something they could never dream of? By choosing Ethnik Kulture, you are also helping the African Continent to migrate and move away from poverty. 

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Instagram: @ethnik_kulture


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