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Avrey Miller

Managing Market Partner at Monat

I do direct sales for Monat which is all natural, vegan, paraben/sulfate free hair and skincare care company. I tried Monat’s products seven months ago and was hooked immediately. Everything else that comes along with the great products is just a bonus, like a community of successful and motivating women, an extra 4-figure income, a challenge!! I love every aspect of this business.

I spent $199 to start my business with Monat. This business has brought me priceless friendships, fearless mentors, abundant self-awareness and opportunities of a life time.

To some, I’m “That Monat Girl” and it’s not a title I’m shameful of owning.

I want want to be the MONAT girl that has the best hair and the best skin. The MONAT girl that drives a free, white Cadillac and earns free vacations for my honey and me. The MONAT girl that pays off her credit card. The MONAT girl that doesn’t have to choose between spending money on one thing vs. another. 

I love this business because the products are true and they work! MONAT gives undeniable results in life and in physical appearance and I want to be apart of it.

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Instagram: Allthings.avrey


Phone: 7068338656

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